4085 Pacific Highway, San Diego, California 92110

619.725.3151 (call); 629-90 (text)

Grooming Services - Baths only


We offer baths/full service by appt. from Wed. - Sat. 

We cannot do haircuts right now, so we are unable to de-mat dogs with major matting.

We will meet with you and your pup upon check-in to evaluate your needs and assess the condition of your pups coat. 

Call Us to Make an appointment - 619.725.3151 or click link below to make it online after you are registered.

Please note: if we find any live fleas on your pup, we will contact you right away. To continue with the grooming service, we will need to give your pup a flea bath ($20), which will kill or paralyze the fleas. This will not prevent fleas once your pup leaves the shop, however.  We recommend talking to your vet right away for a preventative flea treatment.

Cancellation policy: if you cancel on the same day as your reservation or do not show up for your appointment, a $25 cancellation fee will apply. Thank you for understanding.

Some of our a la carte options are as follows:

  • Ear Cleaning (included in full service)
  • Nail Trim (included in full service)
  • Gland Expression (included in full service)
  • Teeth brushing
  • Blueberry Facial
  • De-shedding brush out w/ special conditioner 
  • De-matting - extra brushing

DAYCARE before or after baths

  • If you want your dog to be in daycare before or after their appointment , they can be in group play with other pups. They must have already been temperament tested and have updated vaccinations records on file. It will only be a 1/2 day charge when daycare is added to their grooming day.