Starting Sept. 3, our daycare hours will be 7am-7pm. We are closed on Labor Day.

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Grooming Services


We offer full service grooming by professionally trained groomers. We will meet with you and your pup upon check-in to evaluate your needs and assess the condition of your pups coat. 

Call Us to Make an appointment - 619.725.3151 or click link below to make it online after you are registered.

Please note: if we find any live fleas on your pup, we will contact you right away. To continue with the grooming service, we will need to give your pup a flea bath ($20), which will kill or paralyze the fleas. This will not prevent fleas once your pup leaves the shop, however.  We recommend talking to your vet right away for a preventative flea treatment.

Full Grooming Service*

  • Bath
  • Brush
  • Blow Out
  • Hair Cut
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Gland Expression
  • Nail Trim

*Rates vary depending on coat condition and size. 

Full Bath Service*

  • Bath
  • Brush
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim
  • Anal gland expression (if needed)
  • Blow Dry

*De-matting and/or haircuts are not included in the full bath service

Rates for full bath service:

0-20 lbs: $25-$30

21-50 lbs: $40-$50

51-90 lbs $50-$70

91 lbs + $70-$90



  • Ear Cleaning (included in full service)
  • Nail Trim (included in full service)
  • Gland Expression (included in full service)
  • Blueberry Facial


  • De-shedding brush out w/ special conditioner


  • De-matting - extra brushing

DAYCARE after grooming


  • If you want your dog to stay after their appointment is over, they can stay in the daycare with the other pups. They must have already been temperament tested and have updated vaccinations records on file.
  • If your pup is here more than 5 hours, the daycare fee will automatically be added to the grooming service.

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